From Detroit to Berlin and Back Again

Once the thriving epicentre of America’s manufacturing boom, Detroit is now a vision of industrial decline with the highest rate of homicide per capita for over a decade in the U.S. Its striking degeneration has been documented with instantly recognisable and iconic images of abandoned homes and buildings, yet against all adversity Detroit remains a highly creative city famed for its … more

‘Extreme Outsiders’ Zine

‘Extreme Outsiders: Randy Constan’ is a very lo-fi pamphlet-style fanzine that caught our attention at the recent Zinefest in Berlin. Although it was one of the more modestly produced offerings, an A3 black and white photocopy, it was also one of the funniest and most intriguing.

Musical Furniture

Wouldn’t it be awesome if musical chairs wasn’t just that childhood game none of us have played in years? As in, if there really were musical bits of furniture that you could play like instruments? We’ve got everything from bendy guitar tables to an organ that also just so happens to be a desk. 

Stendhal Syndrome

Have you ever felt giddy admiring a van Gogh, lost all sense of reason looking at a Raphael or turned to jelly before a Botticelli? Shameful wordplay aside, if the answer is yes, you may have suffered a bout of Stendhal Syndrome. Also known as Florence Syndrome, the psychosomatic disorder can develop when an individual is exposed to particularly beautiful … more

The Mushroom Man: Taylor Lockwood

For over 25 years, American mycologist and photographer Taylor Lockwood has been travelling all four corners of the globe, “chasing the rain” in pursuit of the world’s most spectacular and exotic mushrooms. Lockwood, who defines himself as an aesthetic mycologist, uses the photographic medium not merely as a means of cataloguing the organism, but to portray their beauty. From Chile … more

The Snowflake Man of Vermont

Befitting the winter season, weather scientist Keith C. Heidorn considers the life and works of the first known snowflake photographer. In 1885, at the age of 20, Wilson Alwyn Bentley, a farmer who would live all his life in the small town of Jericho in Vermont, gave the world its first ever photograph of a snowflake. Throughout the following winters, … more

Paris Syndrome

Immortalised in art, literature, film and music, Paris has been portrayed throughout the centuries as a seductive spectacle for the senses, a city overspilling with old-world charm and the promise of romance and passion. However, for a handful of Japanese tourists each year, this romanticised image shatters like the sugary crust of a Crème Brûlée, leaving them suffering from hallucinations, … more

ANZA Magazine

Available now at Motto Berlin, ANZA is the first East African architechture publication born of a collaboration between Tanzanian architechture students and Swiss architecture magazine Camenzind. It was completed in just over four weeks between August and October this year.

Ghost Towns

When you picture ghost towns, what do you think of? Mexico? Cowboys and Indians? Swinging cantina doors and tumbleweed? Well, ghost towns have been pigeon holed for too long! We’re here to show you the other side of ghost towns. We’re bringing them into the future. This isn’t actually Tomorrow Town. This is a Sims town. Tomorrow Town hasn’t been … more

Josh Coles’ London Gang Photography

With twelve photographs nominated for this year’s AOP Photography Awards, Josh Cole is a photographer at the top of his game. Having begun his career photographing the UK hip hop and graffiti scene, Cole now travels the world photographing slums and hard to reach people in hard to reach places.


Murderous pigs sent to the gallows, sparrows prosecuted for chattering in Church, a gang of thieving rats let off on a wholly technical acquittal – this is the very strange world of medieval animal trials as recounted in E.P. Evans’ “The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals” published in 1906.


Berlin. A city of greatness: the capital of the most powerful economy in Europe, home of the looming TV Tower (the tallest structure in Germany and fourth tallest in Europe); host of the 61 year old Berlinale Film Festival, and with over 170 museums, a league-topping ice hockey team and the oldest Zoo in Germany to boot. But Berlin is … more

The Last Cowboys

American photographer Dylan Coulter has an impressive portfolio, with a multitude of billboard and magazine covers to his name and Adidas, Nike and T-Mobile (among others) as employers, Dylan’s become an established name in photography. But it’s Dylan’s personal projects and more specifically his latest one, The Last Cowboys, in which he documents his great aunts and uncles on their ranch, which caught our … more

A History of Living Forever | If jellyfish can do it, so can we | Don't Panic online Magazine

A History of Living Forever

On 23 July, Robert Ettinger, the ‘father’ of cryonics and the founder of The Immortalist Society, died and was promptly cryopreserved. Along with two hundred other people who have undergone the process, Ettinger expects to be unfrozen in a century or so, by which point scientists will have discovered how to unfreeze everyone, make them all invincible, and they will all live happily … more


Ned Nefer isn’t a name that has crept over to this side of the Atlantic yet, but given the frenzy of media coverage this guy and his ‘wife’ are getting Stateside we thought we’d bring you a little taste of American’s new obsession…