Celluloid Style

We select our top moments of sartorial splendour on film.

Kammerspielfilm at Arsenal Cinema

This month Arsenal cinema reflects on the Kammerspiel movement. The film genre, which emerged in 1920s Berlin, was named after the chamber theatre built by Deutsches Theater director Max Reinhardt. With its modest and intimate set design, ‘chamber theatre’ was a concept conceived with the aim of creating unity between the stage and audience. Reinhardt’s ideas heavily influenced Kammerspiel film … more

Videoart at Midnight – Kino Babylon

Ended 380 weeks ago

StartFriday, December 16
VenueKino Babylon
AddressRosa-Luxembourg-Strasse 30, 10178 Berlin
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Videoart at Midnight is a project by Olaf Stüber and Ivo Wessel born from a mutual interest in the presentation and reception of videoart works. Exploring the cinema format, the event is held monthly on a Friday at Kino Babylon, screening several short works at midnight. This Friday 16th, they will showcase work by late Punk-Dadaist Matthias Baader Holst, whose artistic … more

Regular Lovers at Kino Babylon

Kino Babylon’s fortnightly French film showcase ‘La French Connection’, will screen Regular Lovers (Les Amants réguliers) this Tuesday. Set in Paris during the student riots of 1968, the film tells the story of 20 year olds François and Lilie and their blossoming relationship behind the barricades.

Oddisee’s Bloody Way

An interview with documentary-duo Oddisee, featuring their latest offering ‘My Bloody Way’ about a real-life Berlin Vampire, perfectly timed for Halloween…

Gerhard Richter on Film

In 2009 Corinna Belz, a German actor, writer and documentary filmmaker, spent time filming in the studios of the legendary painter Gerhard Richter. The result of which is ‘Gerhard Richter Painting’, a rare insight into the workings of this documentary revealing the thoughts and processes of this famously reclusive artist, widely considered one of the most important living painters. Richter’s work … more


Akira Kurosawa is a true celluloid titan. Often regarded as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers to have lived, revered by Scorsese, Bergman and Coppola, his prolific career spanned 57 years and 30 films, earning him a plethora of awards and international acclaim as a director, producer, screenwriter and editor.   As part of their ongoing Kurosawa retrospective, on October 24 … more

The Art of the Horror Soundtrack: Alan Howarth

With the composition of soundtracks for Halloween, Escape from New York and Prince of Darkness to his name, as well as sound design for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Poltergeist and all of the Star Trek movies, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Alan Howarth might possess a wise man’s jadedness with the film industry. When we spoke to him though, it’s apparent that quite the opposite is true

Countdown To Zero

A new nuclear anger-cum-paranoia-inducing documentary

Roderich Filmkunst

A jewel for cinephiles