Lichtspiel at Import Projects

Ended 2207 days ago

StartThursday, February 07
EndSunday, March 10
VenueImport Projects Gallery
Hours12:00 - 19:00
AddressKeithstrasse 10, 10787 Berlin
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Lichtspiel, or Lightplay, is a light-based show by London-based multi-platform artists Kite & Laslett. The pair trained in architecture, sound and music, and now find speciality in creating “architectural interventions in the form of interactive installations”. The show runs from now until March 10th, see below for more information taken from the press release. In this show “light plays both a conceptual … more

The AlphaSphere

Is it a rave football? An inverted mirror ball? No, it’s a revolutionary musical instrument. From electro to dubstep, this baby’s got it all covered.

How to wear your Birthday Suit

When wet I crinkle like a sun-dried fruit, Yet am softer that a peach when dry. I fit better than any tailored suit, Yet worn alone i’m an offence to some eyes. What am I?

Yellowism: Interview with the Rothko Vandals

In the last two weeks a £50 million painting at the Tate Modern in London was defaced with black ink. A bold new artistic movement, or simply a publicity-seeking act of vandalism? We find out more with an exclusive interview with the artists calling themselves Yellowists.

Bring Your Own Beamer

This friday the sleek new space at Platoon will be taken over by a swarm of artist projections with music by Grounded Theory DJs for the second Berlin edition of Bring Your Own Beamer.

Wael Shawky. El Araba El Madfuna. Ernst Schering Foundation Art Award 2011

Ended 344 weeks ago

StartSaturday, August 25
Time17:00 - 22:00
AddressAuguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
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The Egyptian artist Wael Shawky is a storyteller: historiographical and literary sources form the starting point for his concentrated film narratives, in which he interweaves myths, facts, and fiction. The actors, backdrops, and costumes, music, and text each become self-contained narrative voices and through their interplay, fracture ossified views of history. His poetic staging of historical events allows the concealed … more

An Interview with Lucas Blalock

Rocking Chair, 2012 Lucas Blalock is a artist living in Los Angeles. He is a well regarded photographer and writer. In his photographic works Blalock often employs the use Photoshop, bringing the tool to the forefront of his work in a refreshingly overt manner.

Russian Criminal Tattoo Archive

On show until June 16th at Galerie Max Hetzler, Russian Criminal Tattoos features a display of drawings and photographs taken from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia book series, produced by the London-based design agency Fuel. The books are a detailed documentation of the drawings made by prison warden Danzig Baldaev between 1948-1986, who meticulously recorded an extensive range of tattoos adorning Russian prisoners at the notorious Kresty prison in … more

A Review of Vahap Avşar’s iBerlin

If your origins are related to both east and west, if you have experienced three coup-d’états, three coup-d’états, violence between left and right, gay and minority demonstrations, and secular and Islamic facets for almost 50 years, then inevitably your productivity will include strong political arguments. 

Ivo Gretener at Enblanco Projektraum

…To distance oneself physically the spectator needs to leave the building, but from outside, again, one sees nothing but excerpt- now framed by the window…

Sony World Photography Awards 2012

The Sony World Photography Awards are just about to ring in their fifth year this Thursday (April 26th), when guests and judges gather at the awards ceremony to pick out winning photographers from a myriad of categories. In a similar fashion to the National Geographic’s Photography Contest and heavier photojournalism of the World Press Photo Organisation, the SWPAs are a chance for both budding … more

An Interview with Boogie

Born in Serbia but often based in NYC, Boogie is a seasoned photograper with an acute eye. His work tends to focus on urban lifestyles and social tension with images of gang initiation, drug abuse, poverty and isolation are imbued with a gracefulness and humanity. Sharp details and blurred edges combine to create an almost-tangible atmosphere for the viewer. Equal … more

Bruce Davidson’s Subway Art at C/O

 ”I wanted to transform the subway from its dark, degrading, and impersonal reality into images that open up our experience again to the colour, sensuality, and vitality of the individual souls that ride it each day.”  – Bruce Davidson, Subway. Bruce Davidson’s beautifully slick photograph collection, Subway, unveils the hedonism and chaos that ruled New York’s subway in the 1980s. … more

Lady Gaga by Lilli Thiessen

What happens when Lady Gaga gets the ultimate pared-down makeover, void of the regular onslaught of Gaga-priced aftereffects, haute-titillation, latex, and firecrackers? Vienna-based artist Lilli Thiessen transcribed the action of Lady Gaga’s ”Pokerface” and then feed it through Natural Reader, a program that describes scenes to the visually impaired. Thiessen aims to show the nonsense of todays’s visual culture and … more