Don’t Panic Berlin
Mix 11

Don’t Panic Berlin mix 11 has been provided by Berlin-based party-makers Fuzzy Logics, otherwise known as DJ duo Fionn & Fitzkarrald. They’ve described this mix as “club music for home listing”, from techno to ambient, made one chilled Sunday evening. Their next event will be tonight (5th April) at Mindpirates, and will feature the likes of Half Girl / Half Sick and Zan Lyons. We asked them a few questions to introduce the thinking behind the night:

What was the idea behind the Fuzzy Logics party series? 

We’ve both been in Berlin for 3-4 years and felt like we’d been to the same kind of parties over and over again, no matter where we went (with some exceptions of course). So we wanted to do something where we’d just have whatever we feel like at the time and not have it restricted to one genre.

What can we expect of tonight’s event?

We have a live a/v performance with strings from Zan Lyons and a Dj set from Alexandra Dröner aka Half Girl / Half Sick who is also a member of Dj-duo Sick Girls. We saw Zan at the Contort event at Mindpirates last month. There was a lot of really cool stuff on that day, but Zan’s a/v show was really unique and we decided to ask him. We wanted to have Alexandra play because we find her mixing of styles such as Juke, Trap, Post-Dubstep a refreshing change from the usual Berlin House/Techno dominance. Especially because she seems to have some politcal/social reasoning behind this choice.

What do you get up to when you’re not arranging parties?

One of us is working for an internet startup and the other is currently doing a phd. Other than that we spend a lot of time eating burgers. There are so many great burger places here and we each have our own Berlin-burger top 5. We were planning on playing a lot of ping-pong but we’re still waiting for the ice to melt of the tables!


1. Psyche – Neurotic Behavior
2. Dynamo Dreesvn – Tape 3
3. Beanfield – Tides
4. DONT –
5. Madteo – We Doubt (You Can Make It)
6. Newworldaquarium – Shine Eyed
7. Klemik – Greed Mutation Betrayal
8. Hieroglyphic Being – Bird Songs For Amelie
9. Marcel Dettmann – Translation Two
10. Adopo – Parcheggio
11. Autechre – Known(1)
12. Rrose – White/Drip
13. Cooly G – Good Times