‘Extreme Outsiders’ Zine

‘Extreme Outsiders: Randy Constan’ is a very lo-fi pamphlet-style fanzine that caught our attention at the recent Zinefest in Berlin. Although it was one of the more modestly produced offerings, an A3 black and white photocopy, it was also one of the funniest and most intriguing.

Created by artists Beatriz Lobo and Elara Elvira, this first edition of ‘Extreme Outsiders’ details the weird and wonderful world of Randy Constan, a self-styled ‘Guitarist, Inventor, Engineer, Eternal Child’, but more importantly Peter-Pan Impressionist. Randy’s blog www.pixyland.org shot to popularity for its musings and self-portrait gallery, and is thoroughly recommended for a bit of freaky internet escapism.

Beatriz and Elara share a life-long fascination with Outsider Art and the idea of producing pure, faith-driven art in comparison to something based on contemporary concepts or aesthetics. ’Extreme Outsiders’ was started in support of these oddballs and their work, claiming that they “are often seen as bad examples of art, like monsters of a serious and sacred creativity. But if we pay attention to their honest attitude, more than to their pieces, I find real heroes mixing art and life, and in this way, really working with love, and this is more contemporary, beautiful and strong than most of the boring objects you can find in a hipster exhibition.”

The next ‘Extreme Outsiders’ will feature Jan Terry, whose home-made music videos from the 90s have since become YouTube sensations and Govind Tiwari, whose intensely decorated blog of self-portraits aims to ‘okrut for making new friend’.

You can order the zines by emailing either Elara or Beatriz: beatrizlobo@hotmail.es  elaroide@gmail.com

And visit their blogs here: