Roderich Filmkunst

A jewel for cinephiles



Roderich Filmkunst is a haven for film buffs and café cruisers alike.  A large relaxing warehouse space tucked away in a hoff on Glogauer Strasse which offers not only an impressive 10.000 film titles,  but also a cafe with well-stocked book shelves of essential film publications, novels and magazines (German, English, Spanish and French titles available).

Martin Schuffenhauer founded the original ‘Filmkunst’ on Revaler Strasse in 2005. The concept:  to have an old-fashioned shop with a café and a cinematheque-style DVD rental, offering people the chance to meet other cinephiles in an attempt to counter the damage created by internet downloads. Because of a massive rent increase, the shop had to close.

In October 2010 Schuffenhauer opened ‘Roderich Filmkunst’ in Kreuzberg- a bigger, bolder undertaking in a larger space, with a private screening room and a backyard with outside seating. “Roderich is my dad’s name”, he explains “but we kept the name ‘Filmkunst’ so people who knew us from before can still find us”.

Films are arranged by country of origin with an emphasis on genres. “We have a section with black comedies from Austria or the UK, the laconic comedies from Northern Europe, the friendly Czech comedies.. The typical ‘boys films’ such as science fiction, fantasy, thriller and horror are always put together by genre. But we also highlight the post-modern film noirs from Latin America, Italo thrillers, fancy French thrillers and so on”.

Equally important to Schuffenhauer is the offer of consultation; everyone who works here had to go through a ‘nerd test’- ”We ask them questions such as ‘what’s the third film by Godard?’”. Staff recommendations are constantly rotated with seasonal themes from Mafia cinema, new Hollywood, mind game movies, Italian neo realism, French nouvelle vague and Danish dogme to name but a few.

Schuffenhauer himself started his career as a musician but his hobby-based passion for cinema soon became a full time job. Hearing him talk about film, you soon understand why the place is so inspired and a perfect home for any film lover:  “I just watched The Obscure Object of Desire and am blown away by the rich creativity and the tiny traps Bunuel uses in order to mislead his audience. It’s full of truth and humour.. An hour and a half later and I’ve got new inspirations and thoughts. Just great.

Some facts about Roderich:

  • Top five most popular rentals: Aaltra, Me You and Everyone We Know, The Saddest Music in the World, Garden State, Manhattan
  • Every film costs 3,20 over night or 1,60 per business day
  • Most DVDs have English subtitles
  • Open daily (including Sundays) from 10h-0h
  • Questions relating to films via
  • Glogauer Str.19, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg, Tel.: 030 – 61 62 81 58



If you want to win the über-nerd Roderich flatrate subscription (1 DVD each day for 3 months) please answer the following questions specially put together by Martin Schuffenhauer:

Who was originally supposed to play the villain in The French Connection?
What’s the most important French prison break film?
Who was supposed to play the female lead in Fassbinder’s last film?

Please submit your answers to

Competition ends 31.05.11