Regular Lovers at Kino Babylon

Kino Babylon’s fortnightly French film showcase ‘La French Connection’, will screen Regular Lovers (Les Amants réguliers) this Tuesday.

Set in Paris during the student riots of 1968, the film tells the story of 20 year olds François and Lilie and their blossoming relationship behind the barricades. Directed by Philippe Garrel, starring his son Louis Garrel as François and newcomer Clotilde Hesme as Lilie, the film gives a raw and austere version of the May protests that have been previously romanticised in films such as Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘The Dreamers’.

A three-hour monochrome treatise on love and revolution, the film explores François and Lilie’s relationship both on the frontline and in the aftermath of the uprising. Is their romance, born amongst Molotov cocktails, upturned cars and bound to bohemian ideals advocating free love and opium, strong enough to overcome the disillusionment that follows the failed revolution?

Regular Lovers is most importantly a reflection upon just how successful the revolt of 1968 was; as someone who had experienced it first-hand, the film carries a great personal poignancy for Garrel, who was twenty years old at the time. Although slow-paced and sombre-toned, the film surpasses itself cinematographically-speaking, with countless beautiful compositions and portraits that could be mistaken for paintings. Garrel’s auteur style of filmmaking, with its fragmented conversations, long silences and characters directly addressing the audience, also makes Regular Lovers a must-see for French New Wave fiends.

Tuesday 22nd November | 20:30

In French with German subtitles.