Don’t Panic Berlin
Mix 15
No Fear of Pop

Who’s afraid of the big, bad, tireless world of undiscovered bands, well-informed music critique, and a good healthy dose of popular song? Certainly not Henning Lahmann, founder and editor-in-chief of the much loved Berlin-based music blog No Fear of metoprolol viagra Pop. The blog takes a well-rounded and conscious approach to contemporary music, unearthing gems from a truly broad range of genres. As such an inquisitive and knowledgeable source, we’ve been keen for Henning to put something together for us viagra retail price for a while now, and his Summer of 2013 Anxiety Mix doesn’t disappoint, taking us on a much winding, 24-track musical adventure, with some unnerving and familiar soundbites thrown in for good disorienting measure (detailed sample tracklisting and sources listed below). Read on for Henning’s insightful answers to our questions regarding his mix and work, and you can witness No Fear of Pop’s locally-based recommendations materialise into one concise lineup at the upcoming Torstraßen Festival this September 3rd, where the team will be hosting their own stage.

What make you want to start a blog like No Fear of Pop?

I started NFOP without much conceptualisation on my own in January 2010, when I had just moved back to Berlin from Hamburg. I had meant to write about music for a while, and starting the blog was useful to distract me from some other stuff that was happening. I really had no idea of where I wanted to go with it, and things only seriously got off the ground when Tonje joined in September 2010.

Do you find Berlin a particularly exciting city in terms of the music that interests you?

Yes and no. Not sure. There are quite a few great artists living and working here and I also do love good old order viagra online Berlin techno but most music that I listen to and that inspires me is made in London or Bristol or New York or Los Angeles, so I can’t really say that it’s this town which leaves a significant mark on me musically. On the other hand, the fact that Berlin lacks a distinct, all-encompassing scene these days leads to a certain open-mindedness, a willingness to reinterpret and recontextualise music that was originally conceived elsewhere, especially within the club context. That’s why I do believe that the local club scene is more diverse, challenging and above all fun than probably anywhere else at the moment. The ever-growing expat community is certainly very helpful in that regard.

What can you recommend us right now in terms of a great new artist and an upcoming local event to check out?

I’d go with Hubie Davison, a very exciting young producer based in London whose debut EP will be released by Berlin’s Leisure System sometime later this year. We introduced him back in December, and though his tracks are taken down from Soundcloud now you can find one on the label’s summer mix for FACT, you should definitely check him out. He’s also gonna DJ at Leisure System’s five year anniversary at maine canadian pharmacy Berghain on Friday, August 16, which is also the event I’d like to recommend. Blondes, Clark, Jon Hopkins are gonna play live, and they got DJ sets by Ikonika, Barker, ND_Baumecker, Jimmy Edgar, and more. Quite something. Apart from that you probably don’t wanna miss Night Slugs’ Bok Bok at Chesters tonight, August 10. That was two, sorry.

What was your inspiration in making your Don’t Panic Berlin mix?

It is a strange summer. We’re all having our good deal of fun here I guess, but Berlin more than ever feels like a slightly detached bubble these days. The world society is in an uneasy state, and it probably all comes down to what Rory Gibb stated on The Quietus the other day: “let’s face it, what with the government busy dismantling the welfare state and planning to sell everything that isn’t nailed down to private contractors, class warfare, political protest and upheaval in Egypt and Turkey and the US state busily chasing down whistleblowers that shed light on its rather dubious online pharmacy of canada activities, what sort of fool can really, honestly justify spending the bulk of their time thinking about dance music?” And then there was Obama’s recent speech here in Berlin, which can only be described as awkward given the overall context it was given in. So the mix is my probably half-hearted attempt to capture and reflect that anxiety which has been my primary state of being lately. At the same time it shall simply serve as a cross-section of the stuff I’m really into at the moment. Opal Tapes, for instance, will likely end up being my label of the year. So this is some of the stuff I listen to, including the tracks in the first 12 minutes. Except for that pretty dull jj song that is, which really only serves as a tool to get my point across.


1. JJ “Fågelsången” (Sincerely Yours 2013)
2. Airbird & Napolian “Special” (Cascine 2013)
3. Jack Dixon “No One Is Watching” (Tender Hooks 2013)
4. Paul Woolford “Untitled” (Hotflush 2013)
5. JJ “Fågelsången” (Sincerely Yours 2013)
6. The Haxan Cloak “Mara” (Tri Angle 2013)
7. Interplanetary Prophets “Zero Hour” (Planet Mu 2013)
8. Basic House “Ultra-Misted” (Digitalis 2013)
9. Black Sites “N313P” (PAN, forthcoming 2013)
10. DJ Ford Foster “Corridor” (Opal Tapes 2013)
11. cialis erfahrung Wanda Group “OVERR AREA” (Cleaning Tapes 2013)
12. Jabu “Flying (REI’s Icarus Mix)” (unreleased 2013)
13. John Ola “bd” (No Pain In Pop 2013)
14. Body Boys “Mute” (Opal Tapes 2013)
15. Kahn “Cover Me” (Black Box 2013)
16. (forthcoming)
17. TVO “Outside the Brighton Church” (Broken20 2013)
18. Young Echo “Slow Jam” (Ramp Recordings 2013)
19. Special Request “Capsules (Lee Gamble Remix)” (Houndstooth 2013)
20. Tuff Sherm & PMM “Raymond Sees the Dog” (Opal Tapes 2013)
21. Ñaka Ñaka “004000” (Opal Tapes 2013)
22. MM/KM “Lost in NPE2” (Trilogy Tapes 2012)
23. Acteurs “Cloud Generating” (Public Information 2013)
24. Helena Hauff “Micro Manifesto” (Werkdiscs 2013)

Sample Sources:
İşte AKP vahşeti Taksim’deki bu çığlığı unutmayacağız, Istanbul, 12 June 2013, source
President Obama’s speech in Berlin, 19 June 2013, CNN, source
George Zimmerman verdict, 13 July 2013, source
Morsi Opponents Killed in Egypt Clashes, 10 July 2013, Associated Press, source