Zine Kids: Cartouche

Cartouche is a new German language fanzine and blog based out of Berlin with focus on fashion, music and art, and featuring pieces by contributors to Spex, Electronic Beats and No Fear of Pop. It can be ordered online, read on Issuu or found at one of the Cartouche events, always host to a strong lineup of newcomer acts. The last event at Antje Öklesund was our first experience of the collective, and marked the launch of the third issue, featuring music from Dan Bodan and Yule FM. We asked them a few questions about it:

What’s the idea behind Cartouche?

Our aim is to give a platform to young and talented people we like. Besides international bands and phenomenons we focus on the Berlin scene, since we feel that this place is so vivid and dynamic. We want to give an alternative to most of the German print magazines that lost their ability to filter out things that matter and inspire. We consider CARTOUCHE an independent filter for young people loving music, fashion & design. We like printed magazines a lot and want give this medium the standing back it once had. A well laid-out magazine with a good selection of topics and well-taken pictures is still the best way to explore the world. You can hold it in your hand, feel the paper, smell the ink, rip out pages and put them on your wall. In short: it is its own experience.

Can you tell us what’s in this issue?

In our current issue we’ve got some amazing people, like the Canadian musician Dan Bodan, the young talented designer Regina Weber, the photographer Matthias Heiderich and pop duo Nadine and the Prussians. These are people that deserve a bigger audience for their great work. People that just started doing their own thing, people that come from Berlin. People that are our friends.

Dan Bodan by Tonje Thilesen

Where can we find it?

On our blog and at our parties. We still have some copies left, so come to Das Gift on March 23rd! And our back issues are available here.

What’s planned for the next issue?

we want to get more people involved. We want CARTOUCHE become a network where people can participate easily and find people to share their ideas with. We love collaborating so if you’d like to join us, don’t hesitate! Speaking about topics such as: Dagobert is pretty hot! Yule FM too! Maybe there will be some poems and texts about literature in the next one. Doing our second fashion editorial is definitifely on the radar, too! Stay tuned!




A mixtape by fresh new label Mouca featured in the pages of Cartouche: