Bring Your Own Beamer

This friday the sleek new space at Platoon will be taken over by a swarm of artist projections with music by Grounded Theory DJs for the second Berlin edition of Bring Your Own Beamer.

Bring Your Own Beamer is a concept for an art event created around 2010 by Dutch multimedia and internet artist Rafael Rozendaal and digital and installation artist Anne de Vries. It takes the shape of a one-night-exhibition of projection-based artworks by many different artists. The concept has been developed as an “open idea”, one that anyone is free to implement at any chosen space anywhere in the world (see their FAQ section and check their impressive google map). This will be the 83rd edition, having been hosted in more than 26 countries.

BYOB London

As an event that leaves no trace, requires little budget, can be as large as desired, and invites otherwise unconnected artists on board, BYOB is somewhat reflective of the way that the internet has affected contemporary ideas of permanence,  worth, mass communication, ownership and the importance of user-generated platforms. We asked Aanisa, the organiser and curator of this latest edition to answer a few of our questions in light of the event.

What attracted you to hosting a BYOB?

I was aware of the first event that took place in Berlin, also the ones in London. The concept of Bringing your own electronic equipment is a great idea. Electronic Art and Music is growing rapidly and has done so in a relatively short space of time. I love how we can experiment and have a go at producing outcomes using such software as Processing and Arduinos.

What is your own background?

My background is in Architecture, I got into electronic art especially in the past 2 years as I used to experiment and play around with the CAD softwares that grew with having a go using ‘Processing’ and other toolkits.

How did you select artists and what was their brief?

I’m an avid reader of all the electronic art magazines online/offline such as Creative Applications, also a number of electronic art festivals that have popped up these past couple of years such as Resonate. I was aware of artists like Eno Henze, Onformative, and the guys from Node Forum in Frankfurt. I wanted to invite established artists and makers who are doing amazing works using software, as well as emerging ones through word of mouth who are doing some impressive visuals. It was a nice surprise to get everyone on board for this.

Catch the Berlin BYOB at Platoon on Friday 26th October from 7pm.