BASEMENT: More Than Hair-Tamers

Sophia Hersi Smith

When I was a kid, going to the hairdresser’s was the most exciting part of my back-to-school ritual. It offered a brief glimpse at the glamorous life I thought all grown-up women led. It was a chance to be pampered and a chance to re-invent myself. As a teen, going to the hairdresser’s filled me with a deep sense of foreboding. One curly fringe, several lop-sided haircuts, a Tina-Turner-circa-1985 stint, and a failed attempt at getting my hair dyed has left me nervous

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every time I don that robe and climb into that salon chair.

With high streets lined with hairdressing chains, each one offering a cheaper and quicker option, each one more impersonal than the last, it is wonderful to see a place like Basement emerge. Filling the space left void by the former Berlin club Kleine Reise in Kreuzberg, Basement is more than just a hair salon. A bar, an exhibition space as well as a fantastic salon, Basement has managed to transform the whole concept and experience of hairdressing. Sit back, relax, put yourself in their capable hands, and have a drink while you’re at it. Basement reminds us that getting your hair did can be an indulgence rather than a necessary evil.

Have a look at their facebook page to check out their events for gigs and exhibitions. Next Thursday they’ll be hosting Many Discos & Some Modern Issues with DJs Femminielli and Why Alex, Why? To make an appointment, call +49 30 84114883.