Ivo Gretener at Enblanco Projektraum

Göksu Kunak

…To distance oneself physically the spectator needs to leave the building, but from outside, again, one sees nothing but excerpt- now framed by the window…

Ivo Gretener’s  There’s Only Rumors, Nothing’s Decided,- is now open for visitors at the small but cosy Enblanco Projektraum. Once inside the space one is faced with an object almost as big as the room itself; a caravan. People are gathered around it, lights shine from the windows with curtained domesticity. At the same time there is a feeling that something is not right here, something uncanny… The existence of this large object- the caravan- within such a small art space even makes it hard to move around. Nodes of people may not be generated in the space , raising issues of private-public, space and body. It doesn’t move, although it supposed to, summoning memories of times in one’s life when nothing can be done, with total inertia. And how, in fact, did this get in here anyway? Where is the dust on the caravan coming from? Why are we not able to get in? Which part of the space is “in” and which part is “out”? Who is inside?

Ivo Gretener’s There’s Only Rumors, Nothing’s Decided,-’ will be on show at Enblanco Projektraum until 25.05.2012