Don’t Panic Berlin
Mix 10

Our latest mix contributor was also our very first back in the day. Experimental Housewife is the DJ/producing moniker of Texas-born Evelyn Malinowski (not pictured above), who put together an equally brilliant mixtape for us in November ’11. Evelyn’s own productions are created completely analogously with synths and a multi-track, borrowing samples from a wide range of familiar sources to arrive at a sound that is in part warm, transportive, vacuous and expansive, described as “the comforting side of the incomplete”. She also plays in a number of locally-based bands, including Canadian Man meets Bear, and drums with Danish “psych sour candy rock”, Crystal Shipsss. We asked her a couple of quick questions by way of an introduction:

Am I right in thinking you got into techno and DJing at an early age?

I actually did start DJing really young. I got CDJs when I was 14 (mom was very supportive of the hobby) and have been doing it ever since. Did a few years of college radio and got into vinyl later. My techno obsession definitely fed my interest in compiling music at a young age.

How would you describe your own productions?

It’s more collage work than production, basically like DJing old songs into new ones, restitching them. it’s a bit mash-uppy too.

Was there any particular idea or theme behind this mix?

Mostly celebrating the slow arrival of spring, how transitional seasons offer the chance for some perspective and contrast. Also I think it is meant to reflect on the way it feels to realize you’re changing, and choosing to be happy about it.

Check Evelyn’s Soundcloud and enjoy her second Don’t Panic Berlin Mix, ‘Second Future’:

1. Vangelis – Robert Randles/ Main Title (from Blade Runner)
2. Vessel – Silten
3. Tears For Fears – Change
4. Fingers In The Noise – Weekend… Finally!
5. Alveol & Mast2strass – Just Say Yes (original mix)
6. Cwtch – Identities, Realities, Values
7. Zeljko Mcmullen – Color
8. Oneohtrix Point Never – Up
9. Mark Van Hoen – I Need Silence
10. Alex North – Moon Music
11. LA Vampires with Maria Minerva – The Immoral Mr. Tease
12. Below the Sea – Inie
13. Heathered Pearls – Lower Dome
14. Mohn – Ambientt