Weekend at Cleo’s

Thursday, April 19

Last show at Cleopatra’s with works by Graziano Capitta, Skye Hunter Chamberlain, Timothy Davies,Felisa Isabel Funes, Claudia Rech, Yves Scherer, Christian Tonner, and Alex Turgeon

‘The mechanics of style and the appropriation of mythos are activated through the codes and references associated with space, place and personal economies. Myth is produced through the cult of the image, the convoluted knowledges that support it, then worn like a back patch of crisp hieroglyphics. We adorn the voyeur, gazing through lenses at the public displays: flesh transacting like currencies, a necklace like a curse, a weave like a tapestry, all being reduced and rectified as material.

Personal style options become diffused and confused with the placards stretched like Guernica’s over public squares, barring martyrs of bronzed ivory, broken into coat racks. Looking amongst tattered blue jeans, distressed like a painting, one finds for their own interpretation of an individual cosmology, and decoupages references like a poem. Taking up tropes to reexamine their value, standing objectively, leafing through the excess, we become trapped in the spin cycle, looking to rectify them within our own constellation.

The images and styles we seek end up like archetypes sedimenting in our personas, fragments from a place we can only visit. Estranged from their privileged status as deity beings, they integrate with our lives – briefly. We feel the influence of bronze goddesses upon us, towering over our dreams, leaving us always searching for ever stronger spells to access these unfulfilled desires and image-memories.

Trapping us in a loop of golden hoops and infinite silver chains, throwing pink kisses on pale lips, corridors studded in crystal, while we dip in white powder, to refresh our skin, to look crisp and always sunkissed, so we get closer to what we dream. CR’

Weekend @ Cleo’s is brought to you by: Alex Turgeon & Claudia Rech

StartThursday, April 19
Time17:00 - 22.00
AddressKluck Straße 31, 10785 Berlin
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