Video Art at Midnight #39 at Babylon

Friday, November 16

Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker

Flat Roofs for Mussolni
IT/D. 2012, HD, 20 min

The film talks about the Italien Rationalism at Lake Como and the buildings by Guiseppe Terragni, who was an important pioneer of this style and tried to persuade the fascist regime to adopt his architecture as an official style.Terragni produced a body of work unique in terms of consistency and density. His buildings conform to the modern and are characterised by a reduction to elementary geometrical basic forms. While his buildings now serve as an important reference for architects such as Peter Eisenmann, they are also glorified and their political dimension is downplayed.

The American Houses
D 2010, 16mm, 20 min,
The film examines the buildings of the nearly forgotten German architect, Thilo Schoder. Schoder, was classified as an architect of “The New Objectivity” movement of the 1920s. Schoder built some modernist houses in the 8 years period, from 1923 to 1931, in small villages from eastern Germany to the Czech Republic. When the Nazis took power Schoder, accused of being a socialist, was refused any further building contracts, forcing him to emigrate to Norway.

In “The American Houses” the condition of the buildings filmed range from highly renovated to abandoned and dilapidated. The surviving examples are not portrayed as technical depictions, but as subjective sensation.”

StartFriday, November 16
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