SoKo at Bi Nuu

Saturday, March 31

SoKo is a French singer and actress who shot to popularity circa 2007. You may have seen her name cropping up in recent weeks as it seems she is on the verge of something like a comeback. The story goes like this: shortly after a wave of mid-late noughties hype she mysteriously “quit”, changing her myspace user name to ‘SoKo is dead’ and promptly moved to L.A.. During which time she chanced upon a handful of encounters with some of the city’s creative elite including Spike Jonze, who recently made her a music video (below). Thus a SoKo media frenzy has ensued, marking the return of this unpredictable young chanteuse. Catch her at Privatclub on 31st March.

Soko :: I Thought I Was An Alien von SOKO

StartSaturday, March 31
VenueBi Nuu
AddressIm U-Bhf. Schlesisches Tor, 10997 Berlin
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