Missy Magazine presents PEACHES und JOLLY GOODS at Festsaal

Thursday, November 29

In the words of Missy Mag:

“On 29 November 2012, the Missy Magazine invites you to tour with the Queer Electro icon Peaches and the minimum rockers Jolly Goods in the ballroom Kreuzberg. With DJanes from the Girl Power Community of Berlin celebrating a solidarity party for Missy Magazine.

Since 2008, the Missy Magazine dedicated feminist critique and analysis of pop culture and politics. Four times a year as a book and online every day. So Missy can continue to remain independent, we need the support of our readers and fans. The proceeds from the evening to serve as seed money for a new financial concept of the magazine.

As friends of the house and the Jolly Goods Peaches are a small fireworks on stage going. Peaches is with her brand new MC Extravaganza show. She sings, mixes live tracks, edit the drums and sweeps like a dervish on stage, supported by three grotesque burlesque dancers. The Jolly Goods do what they do best: play an incredibly powerful rock show where even the last macho-metal friend works his jaw down. The rest of the evening is still a fiery surprise.”

StartThursday, November 29
AddressSkalitzerstrasse 134, 10999 Berlin
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