Lil B at Festsaal

Tuesday, June 25

Cult rapper and self proclaimed “Based God” Lil B arrives in Berlin all the way from the US this June 25th to play our very own Festsaal, programmed by local party-makers Creamcake. As the founder of the ”Based Freestyle“, a technique described by the man himself as a truly unrestrained freestyle — or by one critic as “half new age, half spoken word”,  he is cited as inspiration to artists such as A$AP Rocky. Lil B has gained a huge reputation for his unique prolific online presence, including countless social media pages and a commitment to releasing all of his tracks for free (rumoured to be in the region of 1500 since 2010). With an approach that often closes the gap between art and music it’s no surprise to find the comparably avante-gard Creamcake imprint will be hosting the show, with support provided by their resident DJ Tokyo Hands.


StartTuesday, June 25
AddressSkalitzerstrasse 36, 10999 Berlin
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