Kopflos Fest: Keep Shelly In Athens at Marie-Antoinette

Saturday, May 19

KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS will finish Kopflos Fest. Their swirling ambient
sound captures that serene feeling you get on a gloomy, rainy day as
your car glides over the slick city streets. With airy beats that are
repetitive, but never trance-like, KSiA is an accessible and
lighthearted entry into the world of down-tempo electronica. As
enigmatic as they are talented, Keep Shelly in Athens is a Greek based
duo that have recently brought on two additional musicians to add to
their live show. Fearing the trend of bands coasting more on their own
hype than their actual talent, KSiA keep their cards close to their
chest, focusing on their music, not their image. If their immediate
sell-out of their last three EPs is any indication, it’s a more than
fair trade-off.

Playing first on May 19 is ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR, a Berlin-based band
formed in Paris by Aniajules and Hanrigabriel. They mix heavily
effected guitars and vocals with massive electronic synths and beats,
bridging the gap between rock music, epic composition, psychedelic
electro and soundscapes. Since september 2011, media-artist and
musician Valquire Veljkovic joined the band originaly as a “light
drummer”, bringing a new dimension to their live shows. He lately
tends to be musicaly involved on stage with live drums and keys. The
three of them constantly experiment and develop ways of controling
light gears and devices on stage with triggerring and sequencers
linked to their music devices.

+ Marie-Antoinette (DJ-Set)

StartSaturday, May 19
AddressBogen 47, Holzmarktstr.15-18, Berlin
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