Kopflos Fest: Hayvanlar Alemi + Basketball at Marie-Antoinette

Friday, May 18

HAYVANLAR ALEMI hail from the Turkish capital
of Ankara and are releasing on Sublime Frequencies. These guys are a
killer hyper-colourful improvising psych-rock unit, consisting of old
school friends Ozum Itez (electric guitar), Isik Sarihan (percussion)
and Hazar Mutgan (bass), who successfully got themselves into
everything psychedelic, exotic and adventurous. Their joyously broad
sound covers lots of bases; from never-ending psych ventures to two
minute international pop covers, West African blues guitars to
pulsating Thai rhythms, Floydian drums to acoustic street craft…
always kept loose and driven by mood, inevitably melting into their
distinctive sound and structure.

On the same night we’ll have BASKETBALL, a live electronic act, known
for their insanely engaging live shows. Their sounds are created by an
alchemy of sequencers, drum machines, traditional instruments such as
the santoor, zurna, the banjo, guitar, live percussion, bass and
vocals. 20Jazzfunkgreats labeled their sound best as shamanic
disco.The combination of their sound has drawn comparisons to
Modeselektor, Gang Gang Dance, Buraka Som Sistema, and Tinariwen.

+ Field Agent Slow Learner (DJ-Set/Heavy World Music/DE)