Joe Dilworth, “Negative Space” at Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg

Thursday, September 12

“They become both more ‘general’ a typewriter standing for every typewriter, and more ‘individual’, as their decay is completely unique.” 

Photographer Joe Dilworth’s upcoming exhibition, “negative space”, documents the urban wasteland in and around Berlin through compelling black and white photographs of wartime memorabilia, found by a collector who scours Berlin from its forests to its building sites. These guns, helmets, military earphones and radios have been gathered and hidden in a secret basement somewhere in Berlin. Documenting these empty spaces and man-made objects poses intriguing questions about temporality and human existence - transience, decay, loss, memory, the past. The gallery will also be showing Dilworth’s series entitled “empty rooms”, which further examines the atmosphere and lasting meaning of abandoned, man-made spaces.

The opening will take place on Thursday, 12th September from 19:00 to 22:00.  The  show will run from 12th September to 10th October at Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.