Import / Export #3 Renaissance Man,Mykki Blanco, Physical Therapy

Friday, August 24

Very excited to see Mykki Blanco and Physical Therapy play this side of the Atlantic! Below is a whole lot of cut and paste from the Facebook event brought to you by the great Berlin-based all-producing DJ duo Renaissance Man:

Import/Export #3

Mykki Blanco LIVE (UNO, NYC)
Physical Therapy (Hippos In Tanks, NYC)
Renaissance Man (Turbo / Import/Export, Helsinki)

DJ Percy (Times / Janus, Berlin)
+ Special guest24.8 Prince Charles#NYC #Genre/gender_blending #queer_rap #drum’n’space #dreamhouse #3-step

After some active trading with the UK Import/Export travels across the Atlantic and brings back the New World’s finest: the drag superstar / rapper Mykki Blanco and the – awesome – DJ and self-proclaimed aspiring urban cowboy Physical Therapy.

As per usual host duties will be performed by the Helsinki-Berlin post-tropical techno partnership Renaissance Man and Berlin’s resident New Yorker DJ Percy will be back by popular request. + a very special guest live performance is to be expected. #SCHWARZKOPF

More Info: