‘Hell on Earth’ at Hau

Wednesday, January 11

‘Constanza Macras’ dance piece “Hell on Earth” at HAU Berlin has many scenes where all imaginable stereotypes on migrants and their tough ideas about gender roles are being exposed, stressed and altered. This happens in such a relaxed way, devoid of any pedagogic convulsions, that all that makes life between the cultures and on the lower fringe of society so difficult, turns into happily exploited material for acting [...]

After numerous guest performances around the world, among others at the Festival “Politik im freien Theater 2008” in Cologne, and the prize of the Goethe-Institute, “Hell on Earth” is now back once more at the stage of HAU 1.’

StartWednesday, January 11
VenueHebbel Am Ufer
AddressStresemannstraße 29, Berlin
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