Grime 2013? at Chesters

Friday, November 15

What is grime music in 2013? Since the recent “Grime Wars” phenomenon—an online battle of sounds initiated by UK artist Bless Beats, that urged a rush of bass and grime-influenced producers to submit their own speedily created tracks—grime music has been back in the spotlight in the UK and beyond (see this recent RA article for the full run-down). In response to the newly shed light on the genre, some of the crew behind Kreuezberg’s new bass club Chesters unite a selection of “UK new skool” and “Berlin old skool” for Grime 2013?.


MURLO (Glacial Sound, London)
NEANA (Night Slugs / Gang Fatale, London)
GLACIAL (Glacial Sound, Dublin)
ROKO (Shlomp / SUB Fm, Berlin)
TIME$UP (Shlomp, Berlin)

StartFriday, November 15
AddressGlogauerstrasse 2, 10999 Berlin
Price€4 before 1, €7 after
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