Screening:Gone to Croatan at xavierlaboulbenne

Monday, March 19

Gone to Croatan presents an international group of friends reunited by Berlin’s electronic subculture. They gather each weekend to live through dozens of hours of uninterrupted partying. Every one of their lives is suspended momentarily to survive an intense collective experience. The film is shot during the day at various outdoor parties and festivals, an immersion from within the group with the help of a mini camera. The camera’s wide-angle together with the discontinuous movement and music create the aesthetic particularity of this raw document following the tradition of the  “direct cinema”. Conceived with the principle of repetition, the film is sequenced to evolve as a succession of days, excluding the night. At the heart of a never-ending party in which night never falls, the viewer begins to lose his sense of time. Little by little, the film expands and the scene becomes a liberated enclave more and more isolated from the world that surrounds it; two main characters showing extreme behavior seem then to be endlessly seeking something unattainable, turning the movie slowly into a hedonistic quest through the experience of the absurd. ”

StartMonday, March 19
HoursWednesday - Saturday 16:00 - 20:00
AddressSchönlein Strasse 5, (Hof I Etage I) 10967 Berlin
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