Dirty Beaches at Kater Holzig

Saturday, February 25

Taiwan-born via Honolulu-Toronto-Montreal and at present Vancouver, Alex Zhang Hungtai is a one-man band with a modern take on old music. This badass crooner operates on a strictly stripped-down basis, with nothing on stage but a guitar with pedals, a sampler and a comb, which he runs through his hair at various intervals.

Hungtai, whose dreamy vocals echo those of Alan Vega, Elvis and Lux Interior of The Cramps, gives old sampled tracks a contemporary edge with his minimalistic guitar riffs, loops and yelps. Due to a life constantly on the move, he has acquired a complicated patchwork of influences; this concept of displacement is central to his music and visible throughout his album Badlands, with its strong evocations of the road and filmic undercurrents that were undoubtedly inspired by the years he spent working in a video store.

StartSaturday, February 25
VenueKater Holzig
AddressMichaelkirchstr. 23, 10179 Berlin
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