“DEATHRATTLE” Sameheads Reopening

Friday, January 13

English party brothers the Sameheads land back in town this friday 13th with a gore-themed bash (half price entry for ‘murderer or victim’ outfits) and a line-up ‘assured to cause murder on the dancefloor’:

QUARION (drumpoet/retreat)
The deep house alter ego of laneq, a Nu Jazz, hip hop and techno producer ready to pounce on any unsuspecting prey.

ANKLEPANTS (qwerty rec/australia)
His basterdized bass and twisted melodies should keep your attention during one of his infamous live sets. If not, his hypnotic wrinkled robotic dick will.

DANE//CLOSE (daneclose.tumblr)
Usually accompanied by his hounds of hell, his sets are truely frankenstein in the best sense. Piecing together music from places you least expect and forcing them down your throat like a fine foie-gras.

StartFriday, January 13
AddressRichardstr.10 12043 Berlin
Pricefree before 00:00, 4€ after
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