Culture Of Sounds Exhibition at Stattbad Wedding

Saturday, March 31

“The exhibition “Culture Of Sounds” approaches the phenomenon of sound from 13 different angles. Sound is a fixed part of our modern time. It plays a significant role in nearly every aspect of cultural interaction such as art, science and design, just to name a few. It is a basic element of modern media, online as well as offline, it is found in commercials or the big stage –everywhere one encounters different sounds. Sound studies are often an underestimated dimension of our modern reality.

13 artists are showing their perspective on this auditory part of culture. They direct the scientific and artistic aspects of sound. The works reveal an overview of how sound studies react towards technology and media related progress and developments to even widen the traditional fields of music science and music in general.”

Paul Woolford (Cocoon, Planet E)
Ambivalent (Minus)
Evan Baggs (Robsoul)
Damien K. Sahri (Coton Tige)
Gunnar Stiller (Upon You)
Kiki (BPitch, Upon You)
Cinthie (Stattbad)
Monoloc (CLR)
Moerbeck (Grounded Theory)
Andrejko & Hache (Stattbad)

Exhibition: “Culture Of Sounds” | Starts: 20:00
Permormance: 0:30

StartSaturday, March 31
VenueStattbad Wedding
AddressGerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin
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