CTM 2014 Lineup

Undoubtedly one of the best annual events in Berlin’s music calendar, CTM returns with another stellar array of acts. See their website to get your ticket.
“Fresh on the heels of CTM’s second programming announcement comes a new wave of artists and projects that nearly round out the festival’s 15th anniversary edition music programme, taking place January 24 – February 2, 2014 in Berlin. CTM 2014 is pleased to announce:

Moritz von Oswald Trio with Tony Allen and Max Loderbauer [DE] / Robert Henke [DE] / Dinos Chapman [UK] / Marcel Dettmann [DE] / Boddika [UK] / Samuel Kerridge [UK] / Fatima al Qadiri [US] / DJ Marfox [PT] / Hypnobeat [DE] / Recondite [DE] / Sylwia [PL] / Felix K [DE] / Moiré [UK] / Phill Niblock [US] / Eli Keszler [US] / Valerio Tricoli [IT] / Sven-Åke Johansson [SE/DE] / Innode [AT] / Grumbling Fur [UK] / Sarah Farina [DE] / Maryanne Amacher Archives with Bill Dietz and Micah Silver [US] / Zinc & Copper Works [INT] / Soundwalk Collective with Lillevan [INT] / Anne Wellmer & Julia Eckhardt [NL/BE] / Phoebe Kiddo [DE]

This year’s festival theme, Dis Continuity, focuses on revealing hidden connections between past and present musical movements, reconstructing forgotten achievements, and strengthening exchanges between the worlds of DIY pop culture and academic research, through a programme that combines musical pioneers whose explorations and discoveries continue to influence how we create and experience music today with a rising young generation of artists.

This third announcement flushes out the majority of CTM’s music programme, which already includes:
James Holden live [UK] / Actress [UK] / KTL [AT/US] / Helena Hauff [DE] / Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell) [UK] / Charles Cohen [US] with Rabih Beaini [LB] / Cyclobe [UK] / Porter Ricks [DE] / Opal Tapes featuring Basic House [UK], Karen Gwyer [UK], 1991 [SE], and Lumisokea [DE] / Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri [DE/SN] / Yasunao Tone [JP] / Veronica Vasicka [US] / Sasha Go Hard [US] / Julia Kent [CA] / Mika Vainio & Charlemagne Palestine [FI/US] / Chris Madak (Bee Mask) [US] / Jan Werner presents Black Manual [DE] / Metasplice [US] / Carl Michael von Hausswolff [SE] / Main (Robert Hampson & Stephan Mathieu) [UK/DE] / Rashad Becker [DE] / Patten [UK] / COH + Tina Frank [RU/AT] /
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Outer Space [US] / TR \\ ER (Truss & Tessela) [UK] / Lichens [US] / Rodion G.A. [RO] / Thomas Ankersmit [NL] / Dasha Rush [RU] / Ornament & Verbrechen (Ronald & Robert Lippok) [DE] / OAKE [DE] / Beneath [UK] / Erkki Kurenniemi showcase with Mika Vainio [FI], Carl Michael von Hausswolff [SE], Tommi Keränen [FI], Mikko Ojanen [FI], and Mika Taanila [FI] / Generation Z : Re Noise – Russian Pioneers of Sound Art and Musical Technology in the early 20th Century [RU] / M.E.S.H. [DE] / Upperground Orchestra [LB/IT] / Hobocombo [IT] / Russell Haswell [UK] / Kontakt der Jünglinge [DE] / DIISSC Orchestra [LT] / The First Latvians on Mars [LV] / Łukasz Szałankiewicz [PL] / Ensemble Mi-65 [SK] / én aka Pal Tóth [HU] / Kassel Jaeger [FR] / Alexander Robotnick [IT] / Godfried-Willem Raes [BE] / Mørbeck [DE] / Lotic [US/DE] / Fearplay [TR] / Chris Salter, Marije Baalman and Thomas Spier present n-polytope: Behaviours in Light and Sound after Iannis Xenakis [INT] / Kathy Alberici & Martha Jurksaitis [DE/UK] / Owen Roberts Ensemble [DE/UK] / Lukatoyboy [RS] / P-node [INT]

With special multichannel sound diffusions of works by:

Jim O’Rourke [US] / Akós Rózmann [HU/SE] / Jan Boerman [NL] / Gottfried Michael König [DE] / Dick Raaijmakers [NL] / Kees Tazelaar [NL] / Henk Badings [NL] / Jaap Spek [NL] / Edgard Varèse [FR] / Tom Dissevelt [NL] / Ton Bruynèl [NL] / Will Eisma [NL] / Ton de Leeuw [NL] / Pierre Schaeffer [FR] / Beatriz Ferreyra [FR] / Philippe Carson [FR] / Bernard Parmegiani [FR] / Régis Renouard-Larivière [FR] / Bogusław Schaeffer [PL]

CTM’s nighttime concert series is complemented by the daytime Transfer programme, an interdisciplinary laboratory and meeting ground for professionals and the general public housed within the Kunstquartier Bethanien. Transfer bundles CTM’s Discourse series of panels, talks, and presentations, the MusicMakers Hacklab, a multi-day, open collaborative environment in which participants learn about new technologies and make their own musical inventions, the Education Networking Day which invites students, professors, and researchers from different graduate and postgraduate programmes traversing the fields of audio, arts, media, design, and related theoretical disciplines to present projects and activities, and the Exhibiton, which runs January 24 – mid-February.

CTM’s full daytime programme will be announced in January 2014, along with the publication of the full festival schedule. A day-by-day programme preview is available in the meantime: