Carly Fischer – I want to love you but I’m getting blown away at REH Kunst

Monday, March 12

REH KUNST is pleased to present another exhibition of the One week with … series. For the duration of one week artists have the possibility to make use of the extension hall for their own ideas and visions.

Fischer’s practice explores the increasing globalisation of our contemporary reality, where its very substance is being homogenised and fabricated as commodity and cliché. Working site-specifically in response to different international spaces, she investigates the effect of these processes on the relationship between place and placelessness, reality and reproduction. Referencing the street as an often overlooked but potent site of political exchange, she collects the everyday detritus that has been left, dropped and forgotten and replicates it as generic paper models. Commenting on the homogenisation and clichés of their environment through mimicry, the models act as perfect but precarious reminders of the shifting reality of globalised space.

I want to love you but I’m getting blown away explores the fetishisation and reproduction of Berlin’s industrial wasteland aesthetic and our ambiguous relationship to the cliché it has become. Things abandoned and trashed, once reminders of the transition and history of Berlin, are now marketed and slipped seamlessly into the changing urban surface as chic design. Fischer trades on these contradictions, reproducing the mundane trash found blowing around the Berlin streets as perfect but precarious paper models. Devoid of their histories and reduced to ideal, generic models of themselves, the paper replicas propose a kind of street culture that has been cleansed and disinfected for general consumption. In the installation, the trash merges theatrically with an industrial soundscape based around Kraftwerk. Suggestive of a spatially immersive music video-cum-advertisement, the installation reflects on the clichéd package of Berlin that continues to blow us away.”
StartMonday, March 12
EndSunday, March 18
VenueREH Kunst
Tue-Sun 3-7 pm
AddressKopenhagener Str. 17, 10437 Berlin
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