British Short Film Festival at Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia

Friday, August 02

Outdoors on a warm summer’s night, “British Shorts” returns to screen several awarded short films, some old favourites and other highlights from the last edition of the festival:

Scouting For Rudeboys (4:00, Comedy, R: Joe Tucker)
The Voorman Problem (13:00, Comedy, R: Mark Gill)
Britain (2:46, Animation, R: Bexie Bush)
Pitch Black Heist (13:39, Drama/Thriller, R: John McLean)
Disappoint You (6:10, Music Video, R: Ian Pons Jewells)
Indoor (14:00, Drama, R: Si&Ad)
Status (2:19, Drama/Comedy, R: Richard Standen)
Abuelas (9:16, Doku/Animation, R: Afarin Eghbal)
Damned (9:15, Animation, R: Richard Phelan)
82 (6:10, Comedy, Calum Macdiarmid)
Friday (17:23, Drama, R: Seb Edwards)
IRL – In Real Life (7:19, Documentary, R: Anthony Rosner)
0507 (2:19, Comedy, R: Blaine Brothers)
Shoreditch Slayer (3:00, Mockumentary, R: Simon Levene)
Mother Died (6:00, Horror, R: Neill Gorton)
The Coldest Caller (4:00, Black Comedy, R: Joe Tucker)

Check out the event page for more details!