Berlin Atonal Festival at Kraftwerk

Saturday, July 27

“Atonal is neither a comfortable illusion nor a forged and excessive togetherness – but only a new way to hear and to see” reads the 1983 press release of the legendary Berlin Atonal festival for new methods in sight and sound.

23 years later, Atonal returns with the same commitment to innovative forms of musical expression and artistic experience. The first edition of this relaunched festival centers around the theme of “Forming Space” – part tribute to its new surroundings, the abandoned powerplant Kraftwerk, and part statement of belief: we create art in the attempt to give shape to the void. The one-week programme includes artist interviews, talks and workshops as well as music/ sound acts (e.g. the Jon Hassell Quartet, Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland, Voices From the Lake, Murcof ) and installations by light and image artists (e.g. David Letellier, AntiVJ’s, Dadub).

For the full lineup and to get your tickets see the Atonal website.