Aidan Baker, Erin Skodvin & Andrea Belfi at Westgermany

Wednesday, February 15


Aidan Baker is a classically trained musician in flute, self-taught on guitar, drums, and various other instruments. As a solo artist, Baker explores the deconstructive sonic possibilities of the electric guitar, creating music that ranges from and incorporates elements of experimental, ambient, jazz, post-rock, and contemporary classical music. In addition to his solo work, Baker also performs with the following ensembles: Nadja, Whisper Room, Infinite Light Ltd., Adoran, and ARC. He has composed work of a more classical nature for the The Penderecki String Quartet, The Riga Sinfonietta, and The Monday Morning Singers.

A highly prolific artist, over the course of the last decade Baker has released over 100 albums in various formats on independent labels from around the world. He is also the author of four books of poetry and has published poetry, short fiction, and criticism in literary and scholarly journals.
Baker has toured and performed extensively around the world, sharing the stage with such as artists as Tim Hecker, James Plotkin, Khanate, Grouper, Earth, Francisco Lopez, Isis, Om, The Grails, KTL, Z’ev, and many others.
Originally from Toronto, Canada, Baker currently resides in Berlin, Germany.


StartWednesday, February 15
AddressSkalitzer Str 133, 10999 Berlin
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