Cruise and Callas present Dominic Steiner

Friday, September 07

In this gallery, you’ll find a sofa, consisting of a welded metal frame, chipboard panels, and the hide of a bull. Describing it to me as it was being made, and seeing the question coming, Steiner said to me, “I guess you’ll need to bring your own cushions.” He has a funny idea of comfort, and an uncomfortable idea of beauty.
This holds true wherever you look.

Steiner is making and remaking a world. Everything is refashioned on his own terms. This is not expression, not “this is me”, but rather “this is mine, this is how I do it.” The references, the images, the media with all their traditions – all are subjected to a direct process of appropriation whereby they are questioned and transformed, in ways that vary from the ultra-conscious to the surprising to the frankly naive. This naïveté, not to be confused with ignorance, is a strength, as it holds no assumptions, and accepts no givens.

 by Richard Neal

StartFriday, September 07
EndSaturday, October 20
VenueCruise & Callas
AddressKoepenicker Strasse 187/188
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